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Himolla furniture produce quality recliners & sofas manufactured in Germany in a town called Taufkirchen, just outside Munich. Founded In 1948, Himolla began to produce quality upholstered furniture. Today they Employ over 900 people the state of the art factory producing high quality recliners, sofas & chairs in your choice of leather or fabric. 

Himolla run 3 different sofa and recliner ranges in the UK. Himolla Cumuly is the function of having an integrated footrest and adjustable backrest. Available in both manual or electric recliners, the himolla Rhine & himolla Mosel offer excellent lumbar support and are among our best-selling models, with the himolla Mosel swivel recliner being our best selling reclinerm now with a new longer footrest and manually adjustable ratchet adjustable headrest. Himolla Zerostress recliner chairs offer a separate footstool option with an automatically adjusting headrest as your recline. In this range most of the chairs are available in 4 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for the user.

The Cosyform range incorporates unique patented action for the built in footrests and arms, such as their easy to adjust headrest design & hinged armrest system - ensuring when you recline the armrests move with the user to give excellent support. The latest models the Azure & Arya offer a contemporary style whilst maintaining superior comfort. Both ranges feature a supportive lumbar with electric headrest adjustment on the Azure.

Offering you choice in leather or fabric quality & colour each piece of Himolla recliner furniture is made in your specification, with a selection of 21 wood colours for models with visible beech frames, 2 seat foam tensions & selection of base option. you are sure to find your perfect recliner & sofa in our impressive Harrogate store where you can try both seat tensions.

As the largest display in the UK we often have himolla clearance lines available for quick delivery including the Mosel recliner kept in stock in the best selling colour combination of 31 Earth leather - our experts have all visited the himolla factory & take great pride in their knowledge and understanding of the product.

A recent addition to the range are a greatly improved selection of fabrics - using aquaclean technology the himolla fabrics offer complete peace of mind to give stain protection and excellent durability with the included 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Himolla Sofas

Himolla Arya 1198

Himolla Arya 1198

Brand New - Now On Display The Himolla Arya 1198 model is the latest sofa range to the UK collection from the Spektra range - featuring excellent lumbar support and a high supportive headrest this contemporary design uses a wall hugger action as a recliner with stainless steel legs.

Himolla Azure 4080

Himolla Azure

The Himolla Azure Recliner & Sofa range - This range is part of the Cumuly collection with contemporary brushed or anthracite steel legs. A modern design maintaining the comfort and support Himolla are known for. A high back and discreet lumbar ensure support where you need it most.

Himolla Chester 4247

Himolla Chester 4247

The Chester is one of the original recliner ranges that was launched by Himolla UK - with a choice of recliner sofa sizes and a curved sofa available, you can also have a wooden or metal foot on the sofas in your choice of wood colour. This not only changes the appearance of the sofa but also raises the seat height by 2cm. A choice of armchairs of swivel chairs make the Chester a firm favourite. 

Himolla Cygnet 4747

Himolla Cygnet

The Cygnet is the most contemporary recliner in the furniture range. Offering a chrome feature foot with retractable headrests that not only change the appearance of the sofa but also excellent head support for the user. Available as manual or electric himolla recliners you can also have fixed sofas with adjustable headrests.

Himolla Cleo

Himolla Cleo

The Himolla Cleo sofa and chair are a brand new model for Late Summer 2022 - a contemporary design with a height adjustable headrests and a manual or power recliner option. When a power recliner the Cleo model has an electrically adjustable headrest height that transforms the look of the sofa.

Himolla Monaco 1841

Himolla Monaco 1841

The Monaco is the most versatile models in terms of sizing, available as both a corner unit sofa or a straight sofa this modular system allows for a corner unit to fit most room sizes - The Monaco is available as a fixed or electric recliner with electric headrest operation and the option of an electrically operated seat height adjustment.

Himolla Rhine 4350

Himolla Rhine 4350

The Himolla Rhine 4350 is our best selling model with an excellent lumbar support. The Rhine recliner operates as either a manual or electric version with each reclining piece offering a manual adjustable headrest. The Himolla Mosel swivel recliner is the perfect partner with your Rhine suite as it features the same supportive seat and lumbar support.

Himolla Swan 4748

Himolla Swan

The Himolla Swan sofa and chair by Himolla is available as a curved or straight sofa with an adjustable headrest. Choose from a selection of leather or fabric choices to suit your home along with a range of wood finishes for the legs. With the Himolla cumuly function you can recline using manual or electric operation.

Himolla Themse 4798

Himolla Themse 4798

The Themse model is available with or without show wood, choose from any of the 21 wood finishes to suit your home or as a covered arm, the Himolla Themse recliners have become a firm favourite offering a high head support with the benefit of a discrete lumbar support for excellent comfort and supportive cold cure foam seat.

Himolla Brent 4645

Himolla Brent

The Brent is available as an electric wall hugger recliner using a single motor action, the Brent is the same design as the Brennand model with the addition of wall hugger recliners. A contemporary style the Himolla Brent offers an adjustable arm and adjustable headrest on recliner versions.

Himolla Recliners

Himolla Azure Recliners
Himolla Mosel Recliner

Mosel Recliner

The Himolla Mosel recliner is our best selling piece of himolla furniture. Available as a manual or electric recliner this chair has the same back and seat design as the Rhine sofa, the mosel has an excellent lumbar support with high backrest & adjustable headrest for ultimate comfort. Cold cure foam seat offers unsurpassed support with a choice of soft or medium.

Himolla Mersey Recliner

Mersey Recliner

The Himolla Mersey chair is a recliner based on the success of the mosel but with a different back and seat design. The high back design offers excellent head support with a supportive seat available in a choice of seat tensions. The Mersey recliner is available as a manual or electric recliner with the option of a rechargeable battery for wireless operation.

Himolla Chester Recliner

Chester Recliner

The Himolla Chester recliner is available in 2 sizes with a Mini & Midi choice both available in either manual or electric recliner options with a removable extra height ring available to increase the seat height by 2.5cm. Choose from 21 different wood colours with the chair available in fabric & leather.

Himolla Elbe

Elbe Recliner

The Himolla Elbe recliner is part of the Zerostress collection offering a separate footrest & a large selection of sizes. Choose from 4 chair sizes along with 2 height options for both the chair and stool - an automatic headrest adjusts to your position as you recline your Elbe recliner. 

Himolla Seine Recliner

Seine Recliner

The Himolla Seine is part of the S Lounger range offering 3 sizes of chair with a choice of base options with the added benefit of a longer footrest & the zero gravity function. The Seine recliner offers exceptional head support & is available as a dual motor recliner or a lift and rise chair. 

Himolla Sinatra 8937 Recliner

Sinatra Recliner

The Himolla Sinatra recliner is part of the easyswing collection with a choice of 6 base designs and 4 sizes of chair along with the option of a heated seat. Choose from a manual or electric recliner with the option of a lift and rise option - the electric versions all have power headrests for added comfort.

Himolla Cosyform Tobi

Tobi Recliner

The Tobi recliner is part of the cosyform collection and shares the same functionality to that of the Tyson & Eden chairs. Available in 3 sizes each with 2 widths the Himolla Tobi is one of the most versatile chairs in the himolla furniture collection. Choose from an electric or manual operation this recliner chair is ergonomically designed to give superior comfort.

Himolla Azure Recliner Chair

Azure Recliner

The Himolla Azure Recliner is part of the easyswing collection with a choice of manual, electric and lift and rise recline options. This contemporary recliner has a choice of base options with a 360 degree swivel base as the perfect match to the Azure sofa or as a standalone chair

Himolla Aura Recliner

Aura Recliner

The Aura recliner is a contemporary designed chair with a retractable headrest that easily folds out of the chair when required by simply moving the back support forward. Offering excellent lumber support from the defined lower back cushion the Himolla Aura chair give fantastic support where you need it most available in electric and manual operation.

Himolla Swan Recliner

Swan Recliner

The matching chair to the Himolla Swan sofa, this recliner features a feather filled retractable headrest with the option of a manual or electric recline function or a lift and rise function using 3 motors. The electric recliner has a powered adjustable headrest.

Himolla Brock Recliner

Brock Recliner

The Himolla Brock recliner is perfectly matched to the himolla brent sofa group or as an individual recliner. The Brock is a versatile himolla recliner with 3 size options and a choice of bases the overall appearance of this cumuly recliner is changed. The functionality of this swivel chair is available as a manual recliner, dual motor electric and also a 3 motor lift and rise recliner option.

Himolla Lift & Rise Recliners

Lift & Rise Recliners

Himolla LIft & Rise recliners have a built in discreet third motor to offer a seat that lifts to allow the user to get in and out of the chair. These contemporary designs are also available as lift and tilt swivel recliners whereby the rotation mechanism locks when the chair lifts. 

Himolla Hudson Recliner

Hudson Recliner

The Himolla Hudson recliner is a 360 degree swivel chair made in Germany in your choice of leather or fabric. A beautifully crafted steam bent frame is available in a choice of wood stains. Available as a manual or electric recline the Hudson has a matching sofa.

Himolla Brennand

Himolla Brennand

The Brennand and matches the Brent with the cumuly action for independent operation of the footrest and backrest. The brennand model has a matching armchair with a matching swivel chair the Brock available in 3 sizes. This Himolla recliner has exceptional lower lumbar supports with high headrest for excellent comfort.

Himolla Hudson 4095

Himolla Hudson

The Himolla Hudson sofa is available with a choice of a show wood frame or with covered arms - With a discreet lumbar support and high hearest the Hudson sofa offers excellent comfort and support with a choice of leather or fabric to suit your home. The curved 3 seater sofa has a central pull down table making use of the middle seat.

Himolla Eden Recliner

Eden Recliner

The Eden recliner is part of the cosyform collection with a choice of 3 sizes each with either a narrow or wide seat width. The Himolla eden has a built in footrest that neatly folds out from under the seat with a 360 degree swivel base with a choice of electric or manual operation. The electric recliner version uses a 3 motor system with electric headrest.

Recliner Sofas - Cumuly

Himolla Cumuly offers a range of recliner sofas & individual chairs with integral footrests. As a manual recliner the footrest opens out from under the chair by pushing back in the seat, the backrest is operated using the pull toggle located to the side of the seat which when pulled activates the gas spring allowing the backrest to move, when released the backrest will stop in your chosen position. Also available as dual motor electric recliners each reclining piece has a manually operated headrest in this himolla range.

Himolla Recliner

Recliner Chairs

Himolla recliners are available as manual or electric with sizes and style to suit. Popular models include the Chester & Mosel recliner chair offering exceptional seat & lumbar support with a comfortable high headrest.

Himolla Zerostress Recliners

Zerostress Recliners

Himolla Zerostress recliners have a separate footstool. The Zerostress collection is the most versatile in size options with 4 sizes available in each chair with the choice of additional frame height and height rings for a chair that fits you perfectly.

Himolla Cosyform

Cosyform Recliners

Himolla Cosyform offers a built in footrest with armrests that move as you recline. The Cosyform collection offers a variety of frame sizes and seat widths, one of the main features on cosyform is the backrest does not move when the footrest opens out from underneath. Our main cosyform collections are the Tobi, Tyson & Eden all available in leather and fabric with the choice of different base options.

3 seater curved sofa

Curved Sofas

Curved sofas for social seating offering 3 seats with all reclining or a centre pull down table.

3 seater sofa

3 Seater Sofas

3 Seater sofas offering generous seating space as fixed or recliners.

2.5 seater sofa

2.5 Seater Sofas

2.5 Seater Sofas - A popular size choice offering 20cm additional seating to a 2 seater.

2 seater sofa

2 Seater Sofas

2 Seater sofas offering fixed or recline options.

Himolla Clearance

Himolla Clearance

Offers on clearance himolla recliners and sofas - we also stock popular models such as the mosel recliner for quick delivery.