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Harrison Spinks Beds & Mattresses
Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks beds and mattresses are made right here in Yorkshire just 20 miles from our Harrogate store. Each mattress is made using all natural materials and revolutionary spring technology from Harrison Spinks. As one of our best selling brands we have a wide range of luxurious Harrison beds and mattresses to try in store. With innovation at the forefront of their design, Harrison beds feature award winning pocket spring systems for superior support and comfort. If you are unsure which bed to choose, one of our bed experts will guide you through everything you need to know to make the best choice for a perfect night’s sleep.

What sets Harrison Spinks apart from other bed makers is their innovation in spring technology & innovative use of natural fillings to create the perfect night's sleep. Having recently invested in producing their own mattress ticking the covers are chemical free.

Here are Smiths Of Harrogate we have the single largest display of Harrison Spinks in Yorkshire with over 25 Beds & Mattresses to choose from.

Harrison Beds - New Collections on Display - We stock the full bed tailor range and a wide choice from the turn free collection.

Somnus - Legacy & Supremacy ranges - We stock both the Legacy and Supremacy range from Somnus, the Legacy collection offers all natural fillings with pillow top mattresses with the most luxurious sumptuous feel.

Adam Henson

The new Adam Henson Harrison beds are now on display - featuring the new Harrison Spinks Cortec sustainable spring system with golden fleece from Adams own flock of rare breed sheep including Cotswold, Romney and Whiteface Dartmoor.

Harrison Beds
Harrison Spinks Harrogate

Bed Tailor Natural - Turnable Mattresses

The Bed Tailor natural mattress collection is made up of 5 models each made with a different spring, filling and side stitching specification. With spring counts starting at 6000 going up to 24000 in a king size mattress these impressive spring counts are achieved by using Harrison Spinks very own spring technology all manufacture in their factory.

Each model uses all natural fillings combined with Harrison Spinks very own spring systems to create a sleeping surface like no other. Manufactured in Leeds these beds are truly Yorkshire made with many of the fillings locally sourced including wool and hemp from the Harrison farm Haronighton Manor located outside Tadcaster.

Our Harrogate bed showroom has over 25 Harrison Spinks beds on display including all the Bed Tailor models with choices of spring tensions to try.

Harrison Spinks Paros

Harrison Paros

The Paros mattress is the top of the range in the natural collection, featuring all natural fillings with a total of 24000 springs in a king size mattress using the very best Harrison Spinks technology with Advanced Cortect & high density 4000 & 2500 springs in the outer core with microlution springs to promote airflow. All natural fillings provide superior comfort and temperature regulation using a Wool Viscose blend, luxury Cashmere, Wool, Silk & Yorkshire wool with an Egyptian Cotton, Flax & Mohair Blend to provide an unrivaled nights sleep.

Harrison Spinks Hvar

Harrison Hvar

The Hvar mattress has 16000 Springs in a king size mattress with the mattress containing all natural fillings to provide a luxurious sleeping surface - The Hvar uses Harrison Spinks spring technology with microlution, high density HD titanium springs surrounding the Harrison Cortec revolution springs. Using luxurious fillings ensures a breathable sleeping surface with an unrivaled luxurious feel with the Hvar featuring a Wool Viscose blend, Wool & Mohair blend, Egyptian Cotton, Hemp & Flax Blend with the spring system designed to work with the fillings to ensure comfort and longevity.

Harrison Spinks Elba

Harrison Elba

The Elba has 11000 springs in a king size mattress with a blend of all natural fillings working together with Harrisons Cortec spring systems using 4 layers of HD 2500 high density springs with advanced Cortec revolution springs. this seasonal turn mattress has the bed tailor warm side & coolside with the fillings arranged to give extra warmth in the cooler months and to whisk away heat in the warmer seasons, with a British Wool Viscose blend, Wool & Flax blend, and Egyptian cotton blend.

Harrison Spinks Capri

Harrison Capri

The Harrison Capri mattress is handmade in Yorkshire using all natural fillings combined with Harrison Spinks very own unique spring systems with a total of 9000 springs in a king size mattress. Part of the Bed Tailor natural collection this Capri sits in the as the second model in the collection with the HD 4000 spring system and Cortec spring core. The Capri is a turnable mattress and is available as a gentle, medium or firm feel with the warm side & cool side technology meaning the fillings are arranged to give more warmth in the cooler months and to reduce heat in the warmer seasons. Filled with a Wool Viscose blend, Wool & hemp blend, Cotton Blend.

Harrison Burano Mattress

Harrison Spinks Burano

The Harrison Spinks Burano mattress is the entry level model in the Bed Tailor collection with 6000 springs in a king size, this mattress can be used on a variety of bed bases including the True Edge Harrison base to provide the very best support and comfort. Handmade in Yorkshire each Burano mattress contains all natural fillings with a Wool Viscose blend, Wool blend, Hemp Blend, Cotton Blend that work together with Harrison Spinks spring systems with the Cortec spring system surrounded by the HD high density 2500 system.

Harrison Revolution Springs

Revolution Springs

The Harrison range of beds contain their very own spring system known as the Revolution spring as the core of the mattress - Each spring is manufactured in their Leeds factory using their own custom designed machinery to create a pocket spring with an additional spring inside the spring. This spring within a spring design has a larger full length coil with a smaller spring known as a Joey spring inside - this secondary spring is utilised approximately half way through the springs movement providing further support under compression.

Turnable Mattress

Warm Side | Cool Side

The Harrison Warm Side | Cool Side system is used on the Bed Tailor turnable mattress collection, this system sets as a good reminder to keep your mattress turned and rotated to ensure longevity whilst also providing a warmer sleeping surface for the cooler months and a cooler side for the summer seasons. This is achieved by using additional wool near the sleeping surfaces on the winter & autumn side and more cotton on the summer & spring side.

Mattress Spring System

HD Airflow Springs

The High Density springs are referred to as HD springs - these micro springs are manufactured by Harrison Spinks in their own factory using wire they have drawn to an exacting gauge to achieve an array of small pocket springs that quickly response to a users movement whilst also acting as an air pump by pushing air throughout the mattress fillings and spring system as the user turns in the night. These HD springs are layered and are used in the bed tailor natural collection.  

Harrison Tahiti Mattress

Harrison Tahiti

Our top of the range non turn mattress offering 15900 springs in a king size mattress using HD4000 & HD2500 micro springs combined with luxurious fillings to create the perfect nights sleep.

Harrison Seychelles Mattress

Harrison Seychelles

The seychelles mattress is a non turn design with 13400 springs in a king size - using cortec springs with HD4000 & HD2500 micro springs this mattress offers all natural fillings with the latest spring technology.

Harrison Maldives Mattress

Harrison Maldives

The Maldives is our middle of the range non turn mattress with 10900 springs in a king size this mattress is a firm favourite for those wanting an all natural non turn option.

Harrison Fiji Mattress

Harrison Fiji

The Harrison Fiji mattress is part of the turn free range with a total of 8250 springs in a king size - with all natural fillings and the latest spring technology to create a sleeping surface like no other.

Harrison Bali Mattress

Harrison Bali

The Bali mattress is our entry level no turn mattress from Harrison Spinks - with a total of 5750 springs in a king size - choose from a choice of spring tensions to suit your comfort. 

Our range of Harrison Spinks beds offer a wide variety of unique feels and comforts all available in our bed studio. We have the full Harrison Bed Tailor Natural and the turn free selection of beds.

Bed Tailor - Seasonal Turn

These mattresses and beds offer luxury fillings with a warm & cooler side for use throughout the seasons. Using Harrison Spinks revolution springs and all natural fillings you can choose from 3 spring tensions to suit your preferred comfort - we stock the full Bed Tailor Natural collection with all spring tensions to try.

Harrison Turn Free - No Turn Mattresses

Offering the luxurious feel of a seasonal turn mattress with the ease of being able to only rotate to keep your sleeping surface fresh. The non turn mattress collection is the perfect solution for those where the weight of a seasonal turn mattress may be too much.