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Himolla Fabrics

Himolla Fabrics

Himolla fabrics are available in 5 grades each with different characteristics. A big part of the Himolla fabric range is the Aquaclean technology - this fabric is stain resistant through treatment of the fibres and is easily cleaned with a damp cotton cloth.

There are 2 price grades for the AquaClean fabrics with either a 20 or 24 grade.

A grade 15 velvet fabric is made from 100% polyester offering a soft touch feel.

The unique grade 13 material is made with a fabric front with woven leather back - this offers an antiqued look and includes a 2 year Himolla guarantee.

 The FR prefix that is sometimes seen mentioned is in relation to treatment applied for the fabric for UK fire regulations.

Please note these images are digital representations for use as a guide  - Colours and grain structures may vary - Samples available to view in our store and swatch samples are available on request.

Himolla Fabric Samples

24 Aquaclean

The Himolla Aquaclean fabric collection is a stain resistant material that is easily cleaned with water and removed with a cloth. This worry free fabric is coated with a layer of restatance that prevents a stain from penetrating the fibres of the material. Available in 10 colours.

  • 49% Polyester with 51% Cotton
  • 5 Year Guarantee

24 AquaClean Almond

24 AquaClean Azur

24 AquaClean Brandy

24 AquaClean Caramel

24 AquaClean Devon

24 AquaClean Elephant

24 AquaClean Ice

24 AquaClean Noir

24 AquaClean Sahara

24 AquaClean Tibet

24 Aquaclean 03

The 24 Aquaclean 03 range of Himolla fabrics offer a softer feel when compared to other Aquaclean materials. This soft touch material is stain resistant and easily cleaned with water and a cloth.

  • 85% Polyester with 15% Cotton
  • 5 Year Guarantee

24 AquaClean 03 Aubergine

24 AquaClean 03 Cappuccino

24 AquaClean 03 Coffee

24 AquaClean 03 Pazific

24 AquaClean 03 Redwine

24 AquaClean 03 Sea

24 AquaClean 03 Stone

24 AquaClean 03 Titan

20 Aquaclean

The Himolla 20 Aquaclean 02 fabric range has 10 colours to choose from. Made from stain resistant material this range is easily cleaned with water.

  • 81% Polyester with 19% Polyacryl
  • 5 Year Guarantee

20 AquaClean 02 Chalk

20 AquaClean 02 Horizon

20 AquaClean 02 Powder

20 AquaClean 02 Sandstone

15 Paris - Velvet

The Himolla paris velvet fabric is a range 15 with a choice of 8 colours. Made from 100% polyester this cover is easily cleaned with a damy cotton cloth. This contemporary velvet fabric gives a stunning appearance with soft touch

  • 100% Polyester
  • 5 Year Himolla Guarantee

15 Paris Anthrazit

15 Paris Blue

15 Paris Bordeaux

15 Paris Flasche

15 Paris Gold

15 Paris Granit

15 Paris Magnolie

15 Paris Mocca

13 Nevada

The Himolla 13 Nevada is a fabric with a leather fibre backing. This material gives a unique feel and appearance with an antiqued look. This cover is an exception to the Himolla range offering a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. Easily cleaned with a cotton cloth this material does not require treatment for care.

  • Top Layer - 96% Polyester 4% Polyurethane
  • Base Layer - 100% Leather fibre

13 Nevada Anthrazit

13 Nevada Asche

13 Nevada Burgund

13 Nevada Coffee

13 Nevada Cognac

13 Nevada Mocca

13 Nevada Moos

13 Nevada Navy

13 Nevada Ocean

13 Nevada Tabac