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Himolla Mosel Recliner

The Himolla Mosel is part of the Cumuly collection - our best selling recliner this recliner chair offers a 360 degree swivel action with independent operation of the footrest and backrest using either an electric or manual action. Available in a choice of fabric or 150 leathers the Mosel comes in 2 sizes either the popular maxi or smaller proportioned midi. Your mosel chair will provide exceptional lower lumbar support with a high adjustable headrest for added comfort & the option of an extra height ring for additional seat height.

Our Himolla experts will guide you through our extensive studio to find your perfect chair.

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  • Now From £1,793.00 Was £2,241.00 | Save £448.00 (20%)
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  • Now From £1,793.00 Was £2,241.00 | Save £448.00 (20%)
  • Now From £2,399.00 Was £2,999.00 | Save £600.00 (20%)
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  • Now £214.00 Was £268.00 | Save £54.00 (20%)

Himolla Mosel

The Himolla Mosel recliner features a 360 degree swivel base with a built in footrest, adjustable backrest and manual headrest. Manufactured in Germany each Mosel recliner is well known for its exceptional lower lumbar support combined with a generous headrest height to promote excellent posture all made in your choice of leather or fabric along with a choice of stained Beech wood for the steam formed framework. Choose from 2 size options of either a medium (Midi) or large (Maxi) variant along with the choice of an additional removable height ring to raise the chairs height by approximately 2cm.


The Mosel is part of the Cumuly range which refers to the integrated footrest and operation of the backrest, the manual version uses a gas sprung actuator that is controlled by the leather or fabric toggle located to the side of the seat pad, by simply pulling the toggle the mechanism can freely move and when released the backrest remains in your chosen position. The footrest action is operated by holding the armrests and pushing back in the chair, this will allow the footrest to fold out from underneath the seat cushion.

The mosel electric offers additional flexibility by utilizing the dual motor system, an easy to use remote control stores neatly in a pocket on the side of the chair, the main advantage of the electric recline is having the ability to position the footrest in any of your chosen positions, the manual headrest can then easily be adjusted to suit your preferred position. The electric mosel recliner uses the latest Himolla battery system, this optional extra is a removable rechargeable battery with charging station that replaces the standard power connection for wire free operation, perfect for use in the centre of a room or where a power connection is not easily reached.

 Our store has the largest display of Himolla in the UK, our team of experts are on hand to assist you in choosing your perfect recliner.