Himolla Cumuly Universe

The Himolla Universe is manufactured in Germany and is available in fixed or cumuly recliner versions. The universe is available in 2 versions with show wood or with an upholstered finish. On the wood finish you have the choice of 20 different wood colours to match your home.

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Himolla Universe


The Universe recliners have a built in manual adjusting headrest that allows you to set you head position to your desired angle - this is ideal when you have reclined the backrest and wish to watch television or read whilst continuing to face forward. The unique recline mechanism uses Himolla Cumuly action - A gas spring similar to that used on the tailgate of a vehicle smoothly controls the recline function of the backrest. A leather toggle is located to the side of the seat cushion on any of the recliner models and by pulling this toggle the gas spring allows the back to move, by releasing the toggle the backrest will stop in your desired position.

A reclining piece features an integral footrest that folds out from under the seat cushion, this is activated by pushing back in the seat and raising your legs, this mechanism uses a sprung mechanism and works independently from the adjustable backrest giving an endless choice to find your perfect seating position. All Himollas seat pads are made using a cold cure foam - this means the seat cushion is effectively cast to fit the contours of the seats design and will maintain comfort and appearance for years to come. The seat cushion comes with a choice of Superlastic soft or medium - the soft has been especially developed for the UK market where generally we prefer a softer seat.

Himolla Guarantee


Available in a choice of 3 grades of leather or fabric starting with a Grade 13 we generally always recommend the grades 31 and 33. The top 2 grades of leather offer the softest and warmest feeling leathers in the range and between the 2 grades with only a marginal difference in price the final decision tends to come from colour choice rather than feel. The grade 18 leathers are generally used for promotional chairs and we would not recommend these for use on the Universe. 


Each piece from Himolla carries a manufacturer's 5 year guarantee on leather or material, framework and foams with a 2 year guarantee on moving parts against any manufacturing defects.