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Tempur Mattresses & Beds

Tempur Mattresses

Here at Smiths we are proud to have stocked Tempur for over 15 years with many satisfied customers. Tempur was originally developed by NASA as a material for use in the Apollo missions and has been constantly improved over the years to achieve the feel produced today. Originally Tempur was launched with a single collection known as the original range - customer feedback has led to there now being a total of 4 mattress ranges each with 3 depths all offering unique feels.

Our store plays host to a wide range of Tempur mattresses, beds & ottomans with many mattresses kept in stock in our warehouse for quick delivery - our team will guide you through the range to find your perfect nights sleep with your order being delivered by our own in house delivery teams.

Tempur Hybrid Mattresses

Tempur Hybrid

The Tempur Hybrid collection is a breakthrough in Tempur technology. Using Tempur patented micro coils encapsulated in Tempur material the Hybrid mattresses offer a faster response to movement through the combined use of Tempur's resilient material and springs working together. Available in 3 depths the Hybrid offers a unique Tempur feel.

Tempur Original Mattresses

Tempur Original

The Tempur Original collection offers a firmer supportive feel. The Original Supreme offers the firmest feel mattress in the entire Tempur collection whilst still giving support where you need it most. The Original collection continues to be a favourite choice of Tempur mattress.

Tempur Cloud Mattresses

Tempur Cloud

The Tempur Cloud collection was launched to provide a softer feeling Tempur mattress. Tempur is well known for the support provided and this is not lost with a cloud mattress, available in 3 depths the Cloud collection is designed for those who prefer a softer feel. Using the Extra soft layer just below the sleeping surface the cloud mattress has a softer touch.

Tempur Sensation Mattresses

Tempur Sensation

The Tempur Sensation mattress collection gives the benefits of Tempur with the feel of a traditional sprung mattress. Using a layer unique to the Sensation collection the mattress allows you to move easily whilst providing the Tempur feeling of weightlessness - The collection has 3 depths of mattress each with their own feel.

Tempur Ottomans Beds

Tempur Holcot Ottoman Bed

Holcot Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Horton Ottoman Bed

Horton Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Grafton Ottoman Bed

Grafton Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Harrington Ottoman Bed

Harrington Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Linear Ottoman Bed

Linear Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Moulton Divan Bed

Moulton Divan Bed

Tempur Moulton Ottoman Bed

Moulton Storage Ottoman Bed

Tempur Moulton Adjustable Bed

Moulton Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Bed

Ardennes Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ardennes Divan Bed

Ardennes Divan Bed

Tempur Quilt & Duvet

Quilt & Duvet

Tempur Pillows


Tempur Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors

Tempur Travel Sets

Travel Sets

Tempur Toppers