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Tempur Mattresses & Beds


Browse the Tempur UK mattress collection online and instore to find your perfect nights sleep. Tempur material was originally created by NASA to be used in space flight, since then its unique pressure and heat sensitive properties have been used to create a mattress like no other.

Tempur beds are the perfect surface to use your TEMPUR mattress with, choose from stylish Ottoman storage beds, specially designed platform top divan bases or an electric adjustable bed to suit your living and sleeping style. Choose from a range of different and unique feels from the 4 current collections, each with 3 depths there are Supreme 21, Elite 25 & the top of the range Luxe 30 models offering the most sumptuous feel.

Tempur pillows are the perfect addition or introduction to the world of tempur beds and mattresses, choose from the ever popular cloud pillow offering a softer feel or the original pillow for a slightly firmer feel. The shaped pillow collection has the Original Queen available as a Medium, Large or Extra Large size, this pillow is designed to cradle your neck and head perfectly and is one of the longest running pillow designs by Tempur thanks to its popularity.

Tempur mattress protectors are highly recommended to protect your mattress by offering a breathable, water resistant surface. As one of the thinnest protectors on the market the Tempur-Fit technology does not affect the movement and feel of the Tempur material ensuring optimum performance of the mattress technology.

Our Harrogate showroom showcases the best selling Tempur Mattress and Bed Ranges with our comprehensive display and knowledgeable team we will ensure you find the perfect night's sleep. We keep a selection of the best selling Tempur King Size Mattresses in stock on quick delivery.

Tempur Sleep Technology
Tempur Cloud Mattresses

Tempur Cloud

The Tempur Cloud collection has the softest feeling Tempur mattress. Available in 3 depths and 10 sizes the cloud Luxe 30 offers the softest and most luxurious feel whilst the Supreme 21 givest the firmest feel in the softest Tempur range.

Tempur Original Mattresses

Tempur Original

The Tempur Original collection offers a firmer supportive feel. The Original range gives a medium feeling mattress whilst still giving support where you need it most. The Original collection has roots back to the very first Tempur mattress collection.

Tempur Hybrid Mattresses

Tempur Hybrid

The Hybrid collection is a blend of spring and Tempur technology. Using patented micro coils encapsulated in Tempur material, the Hybrid mattresses offer a faster response to movement through the combined use of Tempur's resilient material and springs working together.

Tempur Sensation Mattresses

Tempur Sensation

The Tempur Sensation mattress collection gives the benefits of Tempur with the feel of a traditional sprung mattress. The Supreme 21 provides the firmest feeling Tempur mattress - The Sensation collection has 3 depths of mattress each with their own feel.


Tempur Ottomans Beds

Tempur Highgate Ottoman Bed

Highgate Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Hampton Ottoman Bed

Hampton Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Grafton Ottoman Bed

Grafton Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Harrington Ottoman Bed

Harrington Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Linear Ottoman Bed

Linear Ottoman Storage Bed

Tempur Moulton Divan Bed

Moulton Divan Bed

Tempur Moulton Ottoman Bed

Moulton Storage Ottoman Bed

Tempur Moulton Adjustable Bed

Moulton Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Bed

Ardennes Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ardennes Divan Bed

Ardennes Divan Bed

Tempur Genoa Bedframe

Genoa Bedframe

Tempur Genoa Adjustable Bed

Genoa Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ardennes Ottoman Bed

Ardennes Ottoman Bed

Tempur Quilt & Duvet

Quilt & Duvet

Tempur Pillows


Tempur Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors

Tempur Travel Sets

Travel Sets

Tempur Toppers