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Himolla Leather & Fabric Colours

Welcome to our leather colour gallery for Himolla leather & fabric colours. The swatches on this page are designed to give an overview of the colours available in the Himolla range along with information on what each of the numbers and grades mean when it comes to the quality of cover. 

Himolla leathers are defined by 5 primary grades based on the origin and feel of the material, the higher the grade the softer and warmer to touch the feel is.

All Himolla leathers & Fabrics* have a 5 year guarantee against any manufacturing defects provided the Himolla care kit is used to keep the leather clean and free from any build up.

*Grade 13 Nevada Fabric has a 2 year guarantee

Please note these images are digital representations for use as a guide  - Colours and grain structures may vary - Samples available to view in our store and swatch samples are available on request.

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Click Here For Woods - Solid Beech in different finishes

Click Here For Grade 33 Leather - Top Quality Leather - Pronounced Grain & Soft Feel

Click Here For Grade 31 Leather - Top Quality Leather - Warm & Soft Feel (Best Selling Grade)

Click Here For Grade 24 Leather - Middle Quality Leather Available in Rustika or Soft Grain

Click Here For Grade 22 Leather - Leather Available in Rustika or Soft Grain

Click Here For Grade 18 Leather - Entry Grade of Leather Available in Rustika or Soft Grain


Click Here For Grade 20 Aquaclean Fabric

Click Here For Grade 24 Aquaclean Fabric

Click Here For Grade 15 Velvet Fabric

Click Here For Grade 13 Fabric  - Leather Look

33 Grade Leather

The Himolla 33 LongLife soft leather grade is the top of the range grade offering a soft, warm feel with an embossed grain for a consistent grain pattern. This grade has a leather thickness between 1.3-1.5mm there is a variety of 25 colour choices in this range.

33 LongLife Soft Anthrazit

33 LongLife Soft Beach

33 LongLife Soft Bianco

33 LongLife Soft

33 LongLife Soft Coast

33 LongLife Soft Coffee

33 LongLife Soft Coralle

33 LongLife Soft Eis

33 LongLife Soft Flieder

33 LongLife Soft Heidelbeere

33 LongLife Soft Mandarine

33 LongLife Soft Night

33 LongLife Soft Rettich

33 LongLife Soft Stein

33 LongLife Soft Strand

33 LongLife Soft Taupe

33 LongLife Soft Walnuss

33 LongLife Soft Zink

31 Grade Leather

31 LongLife Soft Leather is our best selling grade - Home of the ever popular 31 Earth leather this top quality leather offers a beautifully soft feel with light embossing that shows the natural structure of the grain and structure of the material. With a thickness of 1.2-1.4mm the 31 grade of leather has 18 colours.

31 LongLife Cognac

31 LongLife Moor

31 LongLife Niger

31 LongLife Rouge

31 LongLife Soft Blue

31 LongLife Soft Dune

31 LongLife Soft Earth

31 LongLife Soft Fels

31 LongLife Soft Jasmin

31 LongLife Soft Lava

31 LongLife Soft Marine

31 LongLife Soft Nougat

31 LongLife Soft Plum

31 LongLife Soft Rabe

31 LongLife Soft Rauch

31 LongLife Soft Stone

24 Rustika Leather

24 Longlife Soft Rustika has a thick rustic feel with pronounced embossed grain structure. This semi aniline leather has a thickness between 1.3-1.5mm with a choice of 25 colours. 

24 LongLife Rustika Afrika

24 LongLife Rustika Azuro

24 LongLife Rustika Bambus

24 LongLife Rustika Brown

24 LongLife Rustika Cappucino

24 LongLife Rustika Erde

24 LongLife Rustika Kaffee

24 LongLife Rustika Nacht

24 LongLife Rustika Nebel

24 LongLife Rustika Olive

24 LongLife Rustika Oxblood

24 LongLife Rustika Pazific

24 LongLife Rustika Purple

24 LongLife Rustika Purpur

24 LongLife Rustika Safran

24 LongLife Rustika Sierra

24 LongLife Rustika Silber

24 LongLife Rustika Sky

24 LongLife Rustika Tanne

24 LongLife Rustika Topas

24 LongLife Rustika Ulme

24 LongLife Rustika Zinn

24 LongLife Rustika Zucker

24 LongLife Rustika Zypresse

24 Leather

24 LongLife leather sits in the middle of the Himolla leather grades - with a thickness of 0.9-1.1mm this grade of leather contours to the shapes of the recliners and sofas providing a warm and soft touch pigmented semi aniline leather. With a choice of 28 colours the 24 leather is easily maintained with the himolla care kit.

24 LongLife Alge

24 LongLife Aqua

24 LongLife Auster

24 LongLife Black

24 LongLife Burgund

24 LongLife Camel

24 LongLife Carrara

24 LongLife Gobi

24 LongLife Granit

24 LongLife Kirsche

24 LongLife Lagune

24 LongLife Lehm

24 LongLife Melone

24 LongLife Mint

24 LongLife Orange

24 LongLife Perle

24 LongLife Platin

24 LongLife Quarz

24 LongLife Riviera

24 LongLife Sand

24 LongLife Schiefer

24 LongLife Schlamm

24 LongLife Schnee

24 LongLife Stahl

24 LongLife Tabac

22 Leather

22 Longlife soft leather is the entry level grade of leather that is recommended for use on suites - a pigmented leather with a smooth finish this embossed leather has a subtle grain structure. With a thickness of 0.9-1.1mm the 22 leather has 13 colours available. 

22 LongLife Soft Basalt

22 LongLife Soft Chili

22 LongLife Soft Delfin

22 LongLife Soft Espresso

22 LongLife Soft Grey

22 LongLife Soft Latte

22 LongLife Soft Maron

22 LongLife Soft Paprika

22 LongLife Soft Pearl

22 LongLife Soft Seide

22 LongLife Soft Truffel

22 LongLife Soft Whisky

22 Rustika Leather

The 22 Rustika Grade of leather offers a pronounced grain with a thickness of 1.2-1.4mm. Choose from 10 colours in this range.

22 LongLife Rustika Admiral

22 LongLife Rustika Brasil

22 LongLife Rustika Indio

22 LongLife Rustika Karamel

22 LongLife Rustika Kreide

22 LongLife Rustika Rosso

22 LongLife Rustika Smoke

22 LongLife Rustika Teer

22 LongLife Rustika Wolke

Grade 18 Leather

The entry level leather grade with a thickness of 0.9-1.1mm with a pigmented smooth feel embossed with a consistent grain pattern.

  • Entry level grade of leather
  • 0.9-1.1mm Thickness

18 LongLife - Canyon

18 LongLife - Kohle

18 LongLife - Marmor

18 LongLife - Merlot

18 LongLife - Schocko

33 Buffalo Atlantic

33 Buffalo Bison

33 Buffalo Elefant

33 Buffalo Kiwi

33 Buffalo Medoc

33 Buffalo Taube

33 Buffalo Wisent

Fabric 24 Aquaclean

The Himolla Aquaclean fabric collection is a stain resistant material that is easily cleaned with water and removed with a cloth. This worry free fabric is coated with a layer of restatance that prevents a stain from penetrating the fibres of the material. Available in 10 colours. 

  • 49% Polyester with 51% Cotton
  • 5 Year Guarantee











Fabric 24 AQUACLEAN 03

The 24 Aquaclean 03 range of Himolla fabrics offer a softer feel when compared to other Aquaclean materials. This soft touch material is stain resistant and easily cleaned with water and a cloth.

  • 85% Polyester with 15% Cotton
  • 5 Year Guarantee




24 AQUACLEAN 03 Pazific

24 AQUACLEAN 03 Redwine


24 AQUACLEAN 03 Stone

24 AQUACLEAN 03 Titan

Fabric - 20 Aquaclean

The Himolla 20 Aquaclean 02 fabric range has 10 colours to choose from. Made from stain resistant material this range is easily cleaned with water.

  • 81% Polyester with 19% Polyacryl
  • 5 Year Guarantee

20 AQUACLEAN 02 Chalk

20 AQUACLEAN 02 Horizon

20 AQUACLEAN 02 Powder

20 AQUACLEAN 02 Sandstone

15 Paric Velvet Fabric

A beautiful velvet fabric with a soft touch - this durable fabric offers a beautiful sheen with a deep pile.

15 PARIS Velvet Anthrazit

15 PARIS Velvet Blue

15 PARIS Velvet Bordeaux

15 PARIS Velvet Flasch

15 PARIS Velvet Gold

15 PARIS Velvet Granit

15 PARIS Velvet Magnolia


13 Nevada - Leather/Fabric Mix

The Himolla 13 Nevada is a fabric with a leather fibre backing. This material gives a unique feel and appearance with an antiqued look. This cover is an exception to the Himolla range offering a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. Easily cleaned with a cotton cloth this material does not require treatment for care. 

  • Top Layer - 96% Polyester 4% Polyurethane
  • Base Layer - 100% Leather fibre

13 NEVADA Anthrazit

13 NEVADA Asche

13 NEVADA Burgund

13 NEVADA Coffee

13 NEVADA Cognac

13 NEVADA Mocca

13 NEVADA Moos

13 NEVADA Navy

13 NEVADA Ocean


Himolla Wood Samples

Available wood finishes for your himolla chair or sofa with visible framework - This selection of woods are mode fro solid beech with a wood stain to match your home. 

002 Beech Cherry Wood Coloured

004 Beech Cherry Wood Antique

006 Beech Cherry Wood Medium

011 Beech Walnut Dark

016 Beech Black

017 Beech Natural

020 Beech Wild Oak

021 Beech Walnut Light

030 Beech Cherry Wood Light

035 Beech Walnut Antique

039 Beech Country Cottage

042 Beech Coloured

043 Beech Rustic Oak

045 Beech Moor

046 Beech Rustic Brown

058 Beech Stain Light Brown Oiled

060 Beech Maple Natural

091 Beech Wenge

F05 Beech Shaded