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Tempur is the leading manufacturer of memory foam mattresses with a wide selection of unique feeling collections and mattress models. Each of the 4 ranges offers a key difference in the overall feel. In the collection there are Original, Cloud, Hybrid and Sensation mattresses with 3 models in each collection offering a total of 12 different feels available in all standard and special sizes such as euro king mattresses. The 3 models in each collection are either the 21, Deluxe 22 or Deluxe 27, although each collection offers a different overall feel it is always best described that the 21 is always the firmest and the Deluxe 27 is always the softest of that particular feel. 

Here at Smiths the Rink we are proud to offer some amazing Tempur cloud mattresses which are proven to provide you with the comfiest and most relaxed sleep, proven with their 83% rate of reducing tossing and turning. Each of the cloud mattresses by Tempur supports your body perfectly and gives your body the feeling of weightlessness which allows your spine and joints to rest peacefully.

Tempur Mattress Collections


Tempur have designed 4 collections, each with their own unique feel. 

Tempur Hybrid Spring Mattress


Tempur Original MattressTempur Sensation MattressesTempur Cloud Mattress

Tempur Bed & Bedstead Collections

Tempur AdjustablesTempur Ottoman BedsTempur Bedsteads


Tempur Accessories 

Tempur ToppersTempur mattress protectorsTempur Bedsteads

The Original collection is where it all started for Tempur and has is now their longest running feel, divided into 3 thicknesses the Original collection is the supportive firmer feeling collection with the Original 21 mattress being the firmest mattress available in the whole range whilst also offering VAT relief for those who require the mattress for medical purposes (this is only available on the Original 21 mattresses).

The Cloud collection is described as the supportive, softer feel with the cloud 21 being the firmest-softer feeling mattress, the Cloud Deluxe 22 being the mid-soft feel and the Cloud Deluxe 27 being the softest, deepest feel available.

The Sensation collection is the supportive traditional feeling collection, this feels most like a traditional sprung mattress using Tempur's latest formulas and engineering to create a unique feel appealing to those who desire the benefits of a Tempur mattress but who still enjoy the feeling of a spring mattress.


Tempur is an extremely popular brand and their range of Tempur cloud mattresses have been proven to provide people around the world with the perfect night’s sleep. This is because the mattresses are made up of a specially developed comfort layer which is a soft material that provides a sumptuous feel. Each of the cloud mattresses by Tempur are also made up of an open celled visco elastic, pressure relieving and temperature sensitive material that moulds to the exact contours of your body.