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Himolla Chair Reviews

In todays world of the internet reviews are important for product trust and experiences by existing customers who have lived with the item & are able to offer an insight into how the product has performed. Customers looking for Himolla reviews will come across a range of information about the products and service they have received from the company they bought their recliner from. We have partnered up with Trustpilot for customer reviews and have many relating to their Himolla experience so we have singled out independent reviews from our... Read More

Himolla in Fabric

Himolla have launched a fabric range in the UK as of October 2015. All current models are now available in fabric, Currently there is photography of the Himolla Mosel Recliner and Himolla Harmony recliner, We have on order the Chester and Rhine in fabric for display.  

Luxury Harrison Beds

  We have a huge range of Harrison beds including the bed tailor, topped & tailored, & the non turn collection instore. Manufactured in Yorkshire using the finest quality materials including Yorkshire dales wool a new Harrison bed will assure you of a great nights sleep.


Tempur Mattress Reviews

Tempur Mattress Reviews, Here at Smiths we often get asked for our own personal opinion of Tempur mattresses but also for what our customer have given us in feedback from their experiences. I have summarized the key points of interest when choosing a new mattress from Tempur Firstly the main concern is which unique feel is right for me. Tempur have three main collections, the Cloud, Original, and Sensation. Each one has 3 mattresses each offering a variation on the overall feeling created by the layup and covers Original –... Read More

Zerostress Recliner 19/09/2014

Zerostress Recliners by Himolla

This range offers the traditional recliner with a separate footstool. The recliner itself is operated using 2 brake modules on either side of the chair, by releasing these brakes you can position the backrest in your desired position and simply lock the position in place by applying the brakes. When reclining the back of the chair has 2 primary features, firstly when you recline the headrest automatically tilts forward to ensure you continue to look ahead as opposed to looking at the ceiling, this progressive motion means it adjusts according... Read More

why choose tempur 28/08/2014

Why Choose Tempur?

There’s no doubt that Tempur is one of the most popular brands in the sleeping products industry today, and there’s no surprise why. Proven to offer us just about everything we need to improve our quality of sleep, there are many reasons why it should be at the top of your list if you’re looking to invest in a new mattress. The brand is an ideal choice for those who suffer from back pain, allergies and restless sleep. In fact, statistics have shown that people who sleep on a Tempur... Read More

himolla leather qualities 20/08/2014

The Different Types of Himolla Furniture Leather Qualities

One of the most common questions we are asked about our range of Himolla furniture is the difference between the various leather finishes available. Slightly embossed, all of them are Italian tanned, through-dyed and come with a five year guarantee against manufacturing defects. To ensure the highest quality of finish, split leather is never used on any outer parts of Himolla furniture. The main difference between the five leather grades is their thickness, softness and quality as those with less natural defects in the leather require less work to achieve... Read More

natural sleep remedies 14/08/2014

The Best Home Remedies for Insomnia

Whilst we’d love to tell you that the right mattress will solve all your sleeping worries, sometimes you might need a little extra help. From getting your body into a sleeping routine to staying away from certain foods and drink too close to bedtime, there are a number of things you can introduce into your lifestyle to help promote a better night’s sleep. 1. Spice things up There are a number of culinary spices that you can incorporate into your diet that are said to help improve sleep. Cumin can... Read More

cant sleep 08/08/2014

Can’t Sleep? Here are our Tips to on How to Sleep Better!

There are many things that you do during the day that affect your quality of sleep at night. From stress at work to chaos at home, there are many things out of our control that keep our minds racing and prevent us from having a good night’s rest. Although we might not be able to manage every aspect of our day, we can adopt a number of sleep enhancing habits to improve our sleeping routine at night. Turn off the lights The light and dark are key cues to tell... Read More

mattress protectors 31/07/2014
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What’s the Difference between a Mattress Topper and a Mattress Protector?

There is a wide range of sleeping products available that can help improve your quality of sleep, however without understanding the benefits of each of them, it can be difficult to find one that will cater to your personal requirements best. One of the most common misconceptions is that toppers and protectors are the same thing. In fact, they are very different, from the way the feel to the level of comfort they provide with each serving a different purpose to help improve your sleeping surface. The benefits of mattress... Read More