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Somnus Divan Beds and Mattresses are handmade right here in Yorkshire. Somnus pride themselves on leading edge spring technology using their Sensa Ip spring system is a multi tiered spring array that evenly distributes the user's weight between a greater number of springs when compared to a traditional mattress. 


Somnus are one of the most respected and desired names in the bed manufacturing business meaning they are the perfect brand to opt for when choosing your bed. One of the reasons the Somnus brand has grown from strength to strength since the 1800s is due to their carefully hand-crafted designs. Their unique designs and creativity methods are due to exceptional craftsmanship that involves hand sewing and side stitching which offers the greatest attention to detail.

The craftsmanship of each one of the Somnus mattresses has to be carefully sewn together to fit each one of the Sensa Pocket Plus springs which are there to create the ultimate comfort for the cosiest night's sleep. Somnus have managed to achieve the finest method of blending the highest quality materials with their desirable springs to ensure each person purchasing one of their mattresses will retain a healthy sleeping environment.Somnus Guarantee



All of the Somnus mattress materials are all locally provided from the Yorkshire Dales, and each Somnus mattress is made from the highest quality, which contains natural fillings from the Somnus Farm. These materials include eco wool which is naturally resilient, hand teased horsehair that is 100% Hemptex produced as well as the obvious materials such as; Egyptian cotton, cashmere, mohair and silk.

The Somnus Farm is an environmentally friendly farm that is designed for an eco-friendly future as each stage of their land usage of production and manufacturing processes are considered with great responsibility.



Situated in Yorkshires beautiful Wharfe Valley, it is the backbone behind the magnificent Somnus mattresses as it develops the traditional and natural fibres which are sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. This makes the brand stand out from many of the other mattress providers on the market because of their committed production process which is aimed to reduce the carbon footprint. This is done by developing sustainable resources ensuring each hand made bed provides comfort and integrity for a lifetime.



Another reason the brand is outstanding is because of their niche designs. One of their collections contains a multi-tiered spring system and probably one of the world’s first as it contains an impressive 18,000 springs.


Discover the amazing collection of Somnus designs here at Smiths the Rink and find the perfect bed for you.


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Luxury Somnus Beds & Mattresses

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