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Dormeo Octaspring are part of the Dormeo group, producing a new and innovative breathable mattress, providing support & comfort where you need it. Using the patented Octaspring the mattress allows air to flow through the mattress controlling your sleeping temperature and ultimately providing a comfortable nights sleep.

Octaspring mattresses are delivered direct by a 2 man team who will unpack and place your new mattress on your bedstead, we can also take your od mattress or bed away.

Dormeo began producing mattresses as the market at the time was populated with memory foam mattresses that were either extremely expensive or disappointingly poor quality. Dormeo mattresses are made in Italy because that’s where the brand found the greatest quality memory foam mattresses technology to ensure they could produce quality mattresses at an affordable price.

Here at Smiths The Rink we offer an ultimate range of Dormeo Octaspring mattresses to ensure you have a perfect nights sleep. The Dormeo Octaspring technology works in the complete opposite way to what metal springs do. This is because metal springs push up and resist the force that is applied to them whereas the Dormeo Octaspring accepts the force of your weight and conforms and cradles your body.

What makes the Dormeo Octaspring so unique is because it provides a constant airflow of body movements through its cleverly designed mesh sides of the mattress. The allows fresh air to be drawn back into the mattress to ensure you are always having a fresh and healthy nights sleep, which continuously gives the mattress that “clean sheets” feeling.

Due to the Dormeo Octaspring mattresses allowing a constant airflow of fresh air into the mattress this has provoked an array of happy customer satisfaction as many of their feedback has included; it being the best nights sleep they have ever had, they never get to warm in bed, it’s the first time they have had a proper nights sleep continuously since before they had children, and many more positive comments.

Here at Smiths the rink we offer Dormeo Octaspring mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows to ensure you can find the perfect item from the collection to suit your requirements. All of the Dormeo Octaspring mattresses are available in super king size, king size, double and single to ensure you can find the size and style that suits you the most.  

We can guarantee on your finding the perfect Dormeo Octaspring mattress have also been consistent with the 21st century’s responsible approach to being more environmentally friendly which is why they set an objective to reduce emissions in the production process of all their collections

Octaspring mattresses are delivered free throughout the Uk by 2 man delivery teams who will deliver to your room of choice and remove all packaging

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