Somnus Mattresses

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Founded in 1840 the Somnus brand has been in the furniture business for some time, and they are well-known for their unique craftsmanship methods and comfortable designs. Here at Smiths The Rink we are proud to offer Somnus in our store.

The mattresses by Somnus offer a large selection of super-king size mattresses, Somnus double mattresses, single sizes and Somnus king-size mattresses. Each of the Somnus mattresses are created using the finest of their local produced materials from their own Somnus Farm which is based on being environmentally friendly.

All of the mattresses from Somnus are designed to ensure you have a perfect and healthy sleep. Somnus guarantee a great nights sleep due to their quality mattresses made up of the finest produce such as; lambs wool, horsehair, Egyptian cotton, cashmere, mohair and silk.

Discover the full range of Somnus mattresses available here at Smiths The Rink today to find your perfect one.


Somnus Mattresses